Whether you need your entire roof replaced or you only have a few broken shingles, Contract Roofing Solutions (CRS) can assist you with any roof repair or installation including our exclusive wrap service. This is a highly skilled process that we have dedicated ourselves to learning and perfecting so you can spend more time focusing on the important things in your life. CRS holds the exclusive licensing capabilities to install the patented wrap roof system in Georgia, Tennessee, and the Caribbean.

Every roof needs occasional repairs so it can continue to function well and protect what you love most. Whether you’re looking for roof wraps, shingles, or flat roofing, CRS has you covered literally from all angles. Our repair services are tailored to what each individual home needs so you can sleep soundly knowing you’re protected.

We discuss your options with you and advise you on which option would be best for the style and structure of your roof and the rest of your home. Our roof products come in a variety of colors that are designed with the Southern climate in mind to both protect and beautify your property for years to come. Our roof technicians are highly trained to perform a variety of roofing services, from gutters to the fascia. Contact us with any questions regarding residential roofing today.


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